First of all, in the events sector, the creation of professional relationships and contacts has gained relevance. Furthermore, organizers are increasingly looking for tools that promote networking at their events with Lead Scanner for events.

In this article, we talk about one of the best Meetmaps Event Management Software tools that will improve networking at your event, Lead Scanner for events.

Lead Scanner for events and networking

At first before technology, the way to save contacts during an event was with pencil and paper, so it was easy to lose some data, forget it or not have time to save all the contacts your would like.

However, thanks to technology, the digital tool Lead Scanner for events, allows your to collect and save the contacts of the event attendees in an agile and simple way to use them whenever you want.

Last but not least, thanks to its operation by reading the QR codes on the badges, you will never miss any contact again.

How does Lead Scanner App work?

Secondly Lead Scanner App is the best way to keep the leads generated during the event without complications by scanning QRs.

However, to make use of this functionality you only have to activate the Lead Scanner module in the dashboard of your event and start scanning QR codes. This feature is useful for both attendees and exhibitors who can carry the QR code with their personal data both in the physical accreditation and in the app.

Lead Scanner App for events allows attendees to create professional relationships with each other and with exhibitors in a simple and fast way, saving time in the collection of contact data.

In addition, this data is stored automatically and in real time an you can export it to your email partner in the format that best suits you, csv and/or excel. Thanks to the ease of storing thses contacts, networking and professional relationships are encouraged during and after the event.

How does Lead Scanner Web work?

At Meetmaps we understand the importance of knowing how you are performing as an exhibitor at an event.

In this sense, Lead Scanner Web allows you to visualize metrics and understand how attendees interact with your booth.

By activating the exhibitor module on the web you will be able to start displaying your booth and measuring attendees interaction with it.

Furthermore, thanks to Meetmaps Lead Scanner Web functionality, you can obtain metrics with the premium exhibitor booth based on clicks on buttons such as “request meeting” or “contact”, downloading documents or clicking on links.

Then, in addition, with Lead Scanner Web, each exhibitor will have an administration pane with a metrics section where you will able to visualize the results obtained during the event.

Knowing how event attendees interact with your exhibitors allows you to discover their interests and preferences, and therefore, generate business opportunities, as well as establish more lasting contacts.

Types of events where Lead Scanner can be used

As mentioned above, Lead Scanner is a powerful tool to generate networking, so in what types of events is networking a fundamental value? We will tell you below:

B2B events

Importantly the nature of B2B events is to focus on fostering quality, structured and personalized networking.

However, the main objective of these events is to generate new business and, for this, creating quality professional relationships and keeping these valuable contacts is fundamental.

In conclusion, for attendees of B2B events, the Lead Scanner tool will be invaluable in meeting their objective of creating a network of contacts that will lead to new business opportunities.



Firstly, the purpose of companies or exhibitors at trade shows is to make their products or services known and to have the widest possible reach.

In addition, they also serve to study the market, be visited by customers and/or visit other companies.

Furthermore, Lead Scanner Web will allow companies participating in virtual fairs to visualize metrics about the visits to their booth and its performance, so that the company will be able to know its impact on the event. 

From the point of view of on-site trade shows, Lead Scanner will help you to save contacts and create networking with potential clients, with other companies or among attendees you know, quickly and easily by simply scanning the QR code on the badges.


Conventions are a great opportunity to grow your community. In addition, promote interaction between participants by using Meetmaps’ Lead Scanner tool and generate your network of contacts during and after the event.


Moreover, Lead Scanner tool is the best solution for generating a professional, quality and personalized network of contacts. In addition to that, say no to pencil and paper and move to the side of technology, gaining efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of your events.

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