In the digital era in which we live, mobile applications and event apps have revolutionized the way we organize and participate in events and/or conferences. As a result, these technological tools have simplified processes, improved communication and offered a more enriching experience for everyone involved. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the world of apps for all types of events, exploring how they can save time, streamline planning and deliver significant benefits to organizers and attendees. Discover all the relevant information about the use of the event app for all types of events thanks to this new article by Meetmaps.

What are event apps?

Event and conference apps are mobile applications specifically designed to facilitate the organization of and participation in events of all kinds. In addition, these event apps offer a wide range of functions and features that allow organizers to efficiently manage all stages of the event, and attendees to access relevant information, interact with other participants and make the most of their experience.


Benefits of using event apps and conferences

Optimized planning and organization

Event and conference apps simplify the planning and organization process by centralizing all tasks and resources on a single platform. Meanwhile, organizers can manage event details, send real-time updates, schedule sessions and manage registrations, all from one intuitive interface. So, this saves time and reduces the possibility of logistical errors.

Improving communication

Effective communication is essential for any event or conference. Apps allow organizers to send important notifications to participants, keep them informed about changes, schedules or locations, and even encourages real-time interaction through chats or forums. This then ensures that everyone is kept up to date and contributes to a smoother and more enriching experience.

Access to relevant information

With an event and conference app, attendees have instant access to relevant information, such as session schedules, speaker profiles, venue maps and details of sponsors and exhibits. This therefore avoids the need to search for information in different locations and facilitates personalized agenda planning.

Interaction and networking

Apps for events and conferences encourage interaction and networking among participants. Therefore, through features such as participant profiles, chats or personalized agenda tools, attendees can connect with each other, establish professional contacts, share ideas and collaborate on future projects. This enriches the overall event experience and promotes opportunities for growth and learning.

Key features of apps for events and conferences

Registration and registration management

To begin with, one of the main features of these apps is the ability to manage the registration and enrolment process efficiently. Participants can register, provide relevant information and receive automatic confirmations. For that reason, organizers have access to an up-to-date database of participants, which facilitates planning and logistics.

Personalized agenda and scheduling – Meetmaps Event App

Event and conference apps offer the ability to create personalized agendas. Attendees can browse the full event schedule, select the sessions they are interested in and create their own agenda. This allows them to plan their time efficiently and ensure they don’t miss any relevant presentations.

In addition, the apps can send reminders and notifications about selected sessions to ensure attendees are always in the know.


Event information and details

These applications provide complete and detailed information about the event, including schedules, locations, maps, speaker profiles, sponsor and exhibition information, and any other relevant information. Participants can easily access all these details in one place, eliminating the need to search for information scattered in different sources.

Evaluation and feedback – Meetmaps Metrics

Many event and conference apps include evaluation and feedback tools that allow participants to provide feedback on sessions, speakers, organization and other aspects of the event. For that reason, this provides organizers with valuable feedback to help them improve future editions and ensure attendee satisfaction.

Tips for making the most of apps for all types of events

Research and choose the right app

Before choosing which app to use for your event or conference, research and compare different options. COnsider features, usability, user reviews and mobile compatibility. Finally, choose an app that suits your needs and provides the best experience for both organizers and attendees.

Promote the app before the event

In order for participants to get the most out of the app, it is important to promote it before the event. Send emails, post on social media and provide clear instructions on how to download and use the app. Therefore, the more people use the app, the more efficient the communication and interaction during the event will be.

Provide support and training

Make sure to offer technical support and training to participants who may have difficulties using the app. To do this, provide tutorials or instructional videos, and establish points of contact to answer questions or resolve problems. Ultimately, this will ensure that all attendees can get the most out of the app.

Meetmaps Event App allows you to create a complete digital experience to inform, connect attendees and collect valuable engagement metrics with the app.

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