Technology is gradually becoming more prevalent in all sectors of our society, as its introduction into the events industry has become a trend in the organization of numerous events, fairs, conventions, festivals and congresses, and Meetmaps Event Management Software is not far behind. At Meetmaps, we like to consolidate our technology for events year after year to adapt it to the needs of each user and/or organizer.

After an amazing journey through the event industry, Meetmaps is increasingly establishing itself as the best platform and software for management and organization of events.

Meetmaps Event Management Software guarantees a complete technological solution for the organization and management of events.

Meetmaps also stands out for being an all-in-one platform, because all management processes are held by the same software, making the organisational processes easier.

In fact, Meetmaps EMS adapts to face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events, as well as for any format such as corporate events, fairs, B2B events, webinars, workshops, etc.

The suit of products is divided into 4,  Meetmaps Access, Meetmaps Event App, Meetmaps Meetings and Meetmaps Virtual Venue, covering all the needs. For this, Meetmaps improves the suit of products taking into account the needs of the sector.

Meetmaps Event App

Guided by Netflix’s style and the trend of personalizing experiences in the events sector, we have renewed our Meetmaps Event App.

In detail, Meetmaps Event App is more versartile, modern and user friendly design, thanks to the new home page, which now allows:

  • Highlight relevant content of the event in a visual and accesible way, such as the “Video Gallery” module, wich has been very useful to offer on-demand content after the event.
  • Increase the brand impact of exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Improve the engagement of your community, facilitating interaction between event attendees.

Meetmaps Access

The Meetmaps Access module has been improved to upgrade the user experience during registration and communication management. In this case, these are the main new features:

  • We have redesigned the email builder incorporating a system of templates and modules to make it easier than ever to personalize communications.
  • The sale of products on the registration form and within the event. Thanks to this new functionality, the organizers have improved the revenue of their events.
  • We have also activated the option of an automatic billing system and the requesting invoices for the expenses resulted from the event.
  • The new badge builder with personalization of the design, thanks to the drag & drop functionality, and the possibility of attendee segmentation, creating customized entries for each type of attendee.
  • We have focused on continuing to improve the speed of entry to large capacity events, thanks to the new auto-printing kiosk that allows you to create points for the attendees to print their badge with minimal assistance. They are fully customizable according to the branding of the event.
  • The check-in app is more powerful than ever. Now, with this powerful tool, you can view attendee data by reading the QR code. Important for events with seating.
  • New real-time metrics. 
  • Use of a digital clicker for events that do not require QR access.

Meetmaps Virtual Venue 

The Meetmaps Virtual Venue module has become the main ally of hybrid events, so we have continued to work on improving  this experience.

  • Now, with Meetmaps, it is  easier than ever to create multi-language events, as the platform will adapt the event streaming based on the attendee’s choice.
  • New emoticon reactions make remote attendees share the experience, and also improve the engagement with the event, generating the desired WOW effect.
  • The exhibitors module now has advanced search filters and the possibility to promote their own products through the new marketplace module.
  • The new abstracts facilitate the selection process and interactive visualization of their contents within the Virtual Venue itself, in addition, they will be able to contact the author directly.

Meetmaps Meetings

Meetmaps Meetings module has been the reference tool for those events where meetings are the most important value, therefore we have improved the matchmaking potential to reduce the time spent to generate a perfect meeting agenda, which now allows:

  • The option to collect attendee’s meeting preferences to create matches and prioritize meetings. 
  • Meeting recommendations based on rules defined by each organizer.
  • Automatic time allocation for each meeting and blocking of slots by the attendee and the organizer.
  • The possibility of receiving feedback from the attendees evaluating the meetings.

If you are thinking of introducing technology for events with an Event Management Software, what better than the one that can offer you the most enriching innovations for all types of events you organize.

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