Did you know that events and clients always go hand in hand? Take advantage of our tips to turn these corporate gatherings into a powerful buyer magnet. Let’s start!

Increase the visibility and prestige of your company

Of course, there is no better way to publicize your company than to hold a corporate event. Whether it is a massive event or aimed at a hyper-segmented target, the industry relevance and reliability of your brand will be more than obvious to consumers.

Increase engagement

It is proven that events are the perfect occasion to collect the opinions of both current and future clients. Knowing their needs in-depth is the basis for successful loyalty or recruitment. Your buyers will feel that you care about them, which will increase their engagement.

Consolidate your community of buyers

We all like to feel part of something, and your clients are no exception. Attending an event helps them strengthen their connection with your company. Many brands have been able to exploit this type of meeting ver

y well to forge a community of loyal followers. Why don’t you do the same?

Events and clients: the perfect occasion to generate new opportunities

When several people get together, the spark arises. The synergies that events create with customers could hardly be obtained using other means of contact. In fact, if you organize it well, you will be planting the seed of very promising future projects.

A 100% customizable acquisition strategy

Not every business or customer is the same, so why should events be? What makes these events truly unforgettable is the possibility of fully adapting them to branding and the needs of your brand. In addition, you have many options regarding its development, whether it is a convention, workshop, product presentation, etc., and type of virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face assistance.

How to get your potential customers to come to your event

Identify your potential customers

When it comes to how to attract clients for events it is essential to know your target audience. Take your time to clearly define what their needs and interests are and adapt the event to them. Also, don’t forget to use monitoring tools to take the pulse of your audience in real-time.

Put the accent on interactivity to make a difference

If you are still not sure how to attract an audience to your event, do not hesitate: go against the current. Offer something different to your event attendees, for example: use gamification techniques to interact with attendees or offer the lead scanner option so that participants get to know each other better. It is everything you need to stand out among all the business meetings that are held every year.

Digital tools: your best allies to attract attendees

Push notifications, QR, apps,..

New technologies have become one of the great pillars of our lives. Why not integrate them into your events? Of course, developing an email marketing campaign and designing a website for the event will also be of great help when it comes to attracting potential customers.

Multiply attendance rate with virtual and hybrid events

The greater the number of attendees at your event, the more effective customers you can generate with it. In practice, it can be difficult to get people to show up at these types of meetings (eg, financial reasons or lack of time). To this end, betting on total or partial virtualization is the ideal solution to leave no one behind.

How to organize an event to get clients

  1. Consider including elements of support for the sale. The use of virtual stands, as well as sponsorships and collaborations with other brands, are very useful in turning mere attendees into loyal customers.
  2. Use audiovisual elements. Using photos and videos is essential to liven up the content on display at the event. In addition, it will decisively contribute to professionalizing your corporate branding.
  3. How to attract clients for events with the help of speakers? Offer quality presentations that add value toattendees, not simple commercial talks. Speakers are the soul of any event: introduce key influencers from your industry and don’t hesitate to provide the audience with as much interaction as possible with them.
  4. Promote networking. Meetings 1to1, matchmaking and gamification are especially effective for attendees to expand their network of contacts.
  5. Thanks for the assistance. Once the event is over, make it a memorable experience by rewarding those who participated in it. A corporate gift or an exclusive promotion can be decisive in transforming them into buyers.

Now you know how advantageous it is to hold events to attract customers and how to make the most of their potential. What do you think if you start putting into practice everything you learned? Take your next corporate meeting to the next level with the help of Meetmaps and start multiplying your customer relationship.