Are you aware of the importance of receiving feedback on your event? As organizers, one of our main priorities will be to collect and analyze it. In fact, the information you provide us is key to improving in the future and retaining attendees.

In the world of events, we call feedback or feedback to the opinion of the attendees. Learn how to get the most out of it with the tips below!

Why is feedback important in an event?

Feedback at events: the importance of giving attendees a voice and a vote

Actually, feedback is vital whenever we are trying to communicate a message to someone. A good example of this is the role of feedback in the company: knowing what buyers think is essential to offer them the right products and services. The same thing happens with the organization of events: attendees are our consumers and we must listen to them carefully.

Organizing events without paying attention to feedback means starting from scratch over and over again. If we resist taking the pulse of our audience, we will never be able to adapt these meetings to their tastes and needs. It is easy to guess that such a thing leads us to failure as event planners.


What is the use of collecting feedback in an event?

  • Feedback is an excellent tool for diagnosing errors in an event. After all, only if you know exactly where you went wrong will you be able to implement the appropriate corrections and offer a continuous improvement process.
  • The mere fact of generating feedback shows attendees that you care about what they think to give them maximum satisfaction. Showcasing a customer-centric philosophy will be very useful both to attract new customers and to retain existing ones.
  • The importance of receiving feedback is evident when it comes to playing with an advantage over our competitors. Events organized by competing companies don’t care about getting feedback from their attendees? Then yours will be the clear favorites in the sector.


How to take advantage of the importance of feedback?

  1. Analyze customer feedback proactively and always do it together with your work team.
  2. Face negative opinions quickly and eager to improve.
  3. Establish concrete solutions and realistic schedules to implement them.
  4. Always compare the opinions of the attendees with the objectives and metrics that you set for yourself when organizing the event.
  5. The feedback in an event organization company is not only limited to the attendees but also to the suppliers and sponsors.
  6. Combine closed questions and open questions.

How to get feedback from your event attendees

Put yourself in the shoes of the attendees!

No event planning expert would think of questioning the importance of feedback. However, it’s not always easy to encourage event attendees to share their insights with us.

Whether it is feedback in a company or in any type of event, we need the recipients of our message to collaborate. For this there is nothing better than empathizing with them.

  • It presents highly interactive questionnaires that show results in real time.
  • Make sure you present a clear and enjoyable survey. Your audience doesn’t have all the time in the world to fill it out!
  • Personalize the questionnaire with the branding of your brand.
  • Offer a reward to the attendee for the time they spend taking the survey (for example, a discount on admission to the next event).
  • The moment in which you intend to generate feedback is also decisive. The further away from the event, the less emotional and more unbiased the opinion of the public will be.

Digital tools: your best allies to generate feedback

Did you know that virtual and hybrid events offer an ideal environment to generate feedback? Its advanced technology encourages interaction and enables exhaustive monitoring. In addition, the process of collecting opinions is more agile and economical than in 100% face-to-face meetings.

Email marketing, social networks, app and website of the event… You have multiple ways to request feedback from your attendees. Best of all, you can adapt them to your needs: from live consultations to post-event surveys.

The Meetmaps Event Management software puts in your power the comprehensive solution you need to take advantage of all the advantages of feedback. In fact, our wide range of tools is fully customizable and gives you the most detailed metrics. In addition, we put at your disposal the best means to generate feedback and interactivity (gamification, voting, discussion walls, etc.).


Definitely, the importance of receiving feedback at events is beyond doubt. Ultimately, it’s a must when it comes to taking your attendee experience to the next level. Use the all-in-one Meetmaps software to collect their opinions in the fastest, easiest and most efficient way.