For us, it is essential that the event has an Event Management Software that provides speed, agility and security in their events. That is why we have launched a new networking product which will make life easier for many event planners in their hybrid, virtual and face-to-face events.


We give the organizer a very powerful tool to facilitate high-quality networking and measure the results in real time and in an aggregated way. A new, intuitive and efficient way to create connections between attendees.

Gerard Salvia

CEO, Meetmaps

What is matchmaking?

Matchmaking is the smartest choice for organizers who want to create an experience that maximizes b2b matchmaking connectivity between attendees at events, whether they are face-to face, hybrid or virtual.

The Meetmaps platform facilitates the search among suitable attendees to meet through an algorithm that, after answering some questions on the registration form (for example) about the profile they are looking for or interests, offers a selection of participants that fit best to them.

It is the best solution for gathering attendees, since matchmaking chooses attendee profiles to create the best connection, and therefore, it offers the best meeting quality.

Quality and efficiency in the organization of meetings

  • AI meeting suggestion

Through keywords and filters, the algorithm tracks similar profiles and interests to create the perfect match between attendees. In this way, valuable meetings are generated, providing opportunities to the participants, and the organizer will sabe management time.

  • Generate a pre-agenda in a single click

Thanks to the information previously collected on the interests of the attendee, our software proposes to you a complete meeting agenda with the schedules, and as an organizer you will be able to edit the agenda and make modifications.

  • Participants
  • Profiles
  • Interaction
  • Engagement
  • Meeting suggestions


As an organizer, you have the last word!

Thanks to this option, the event manager will make available to the attendee some categories of interests that they must choose, so that an automatic preference system will be created that will help make the organization of 1 to 1 meeting easier and more agile.

Once the preferences are made, the organizer will decide the day and time that the meetings will be held and an automatic meeting table will be created through the Meetmaps control panel to publish an agenda in real time for all attendees.

In short, it is an efficient process, saving time and less stressful.

Metrics and data updated in real time to keep constant control

Thanks to the data measurement service of the control panel, the administrator will be able to view the results in real time on the meetings that are taking place at all times.

Through colors, you can view the accepted, rejected, waiting, conducting, etc. meetings. The organizer will be able to obtain data and analytics of the event during the day and once it is finished.

Meetmaps has an expert technical team in management and software development with personalized attention that will help the event organizer to complete their appointment calendar fully adapted and planned according to their needs.

If you want to create quality connections between your event attendees through matchmaking, you can ask us for a demo to show you all the matchmaking options.

Or if you want more information, you can visit our website, where we explain all the details about this functionality.


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