Event organisation is not only a tool to reach end consumers, but also a powerful strategy to capture the attention and interest of large corporations. In this article, we will explain specific strategies to generate traffic and attract major companies to your events. From creating relevant content to implementing innovative technologies, find out how to make your event irresistible to large corporations to retention of large corporate clients.

The importance of retention of large corporate clients

Before we dive into strategies, it’s critical to understand why engaging large corporations can be a catalyst for your event’s success. Engaging these companies not only provides credibility and visibility, but also opens doors to opportunities for strategic collaboration, meaningful sponsorships, long-term partnerships that can drive your organisation’s growth and retention of large corporate clients.

Content strategies to attract and retain customers for large corporations

Specialised content production to improve retention of large corporate clients

Develop relevant and specialised content that resonates with the specific interests and needs of large corporations. Publish blogs, infographics and case studies that demonstrate the value your event can bring to their industry to retention of large corporate clients.

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Exclusive webinars and virtual conferences

Organise exclusive webinars and virtual conferences aimed at professionals from large corporations. These online events can offer in-depth insights and generate direct interaction, serving as a gateway to your main event.

Interviews with industry leaders

Conduct interviews with industry leaders and executives from large corporations. Post this content on your website and social media to establish your event as a space where leading voices come together.

Incorporating innovative technologies to attract large corporate customers

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Deploy VR and AR experiences at your event to give large corporations an immersive experience. From virtual tours to interactive demonstrations, these technologies capture attention and demonstrate innovation.

Advanced networking platforms for large corporations

Use advanced networking platforms that make it easy for attendees to connect with each other, specifically designed to meet the needs of large corporations. Meeting scheduling features and audience segmentation can make all the difference.

Customised event applications for clients to improve retention of large corporate clients

Develop a customised app for your event that offers specific functionality for large corporations. From scheduling meetings to downloading exclusive materials, this app can be a centralised access point for their participation.

Ultimately, attracting large corporations to your events requires a strategic combination of relevant content, innovative technologies and inspiring success stories. By following these strategies and learning from real-life experiences, you can transform your event into an irresistible magnet for major corporations, making every event a step closer to making valuable connections and opening doors to new business opportunities!

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It is important to have strategies for both attracting and retaining professionals and clients of large corporations. The organisation of events fosters a sense of community, trust, collaboration and loyalty on the part of the different attendees.

Sara Clopés Pérez, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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