In the world of events, creating and maintaining lasting communities is essential for long-term success. An Event Management Software (EMS) not only makes it easy to organise events, but can also be a powerful tool for nurturing relationships and building a strong community around your brand or industry. In this article, we’ll explore how you can use an EMS to create a lasting community, strengthen the connection with your attendees and encourage ongoing engagement.

Understanding the importance of community at events

Before we dive into how to use an EMS to build a community, it is crucial to understand why this is so important. Lasting communities provide a sense of belonging, connection and support that goes beyond the duration of an individual event. By building a strong community, you not only increase the loyalty of your attendees, but you also create a base of engaged followers who can become advocates for your brand.

Cultivating community before the event

Create relevant content

Before the event, use your EMS to share relevant and valuable content with your audience. This could include articles, videos or podcasts that address topics of interest to your community and prepare them for the event.

Surveys and Questionnaires

Use your EMS’s survey and questionnaire tools to gather information about your attendees’ preferences and interests. This will help you personalize the event experience and build anticipation among the community.

Discussion forums and social media

Create online discussion forums or social media groups where attendees can connect, ask questions and share ideas before the event. This will encourage participation and strengthen ties within the community.

Strengthening the connection during the event

Networking sessions

Organize in-person or virtual networking sessions where attendees can meet, exchange ideas and make professional connections. Use the networking features of your EMS to facilitate these interactions and encourage participation.

Interest groups

Create lasting groups or communities at your EMS based on common interests or industry sectors. This will allow attendees to connect with others who share their interests and establish meaningful relationships during the event.


Interactive activities

Incorporate interactive activities during the event, such as real-time polls, games or contests, to keep attendees engaged and encourage active participation in the community.

Encouraging participation after the event

Personalized follow-up:

Use your EMS to send personalized follow-ups to attendees after the event, thanking them for their participation and providing additional resources related to the topics covered during the event.

Ongoing content

Continue to share relevant and useful content with your community after the event through your EMS. This will keep the conversation alive and keep attendees interested in your brand or industry, and establish lasting communities at your events.

Follow-up events

Organize regular follow-up events, such as webinars or online meetings, to keep your community engaged and provide additional opportunities for interaction and networking.

Building a lasting community is critical to the long-term success of any event. By using Event Management Software effectively, you can cultivate strong relationships, encourage ongoing participation and build a solid community around your brand or industry. By following the above strategies and best practices, you’ll be on the right track to creating a vibrant and engaged community that lasts well beyond the duration of your individual events.

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