As we’re sure you already know, the Meetmaps team can’t sit still and are always on the go! We spend every day researching and hunting for anything that we can add to our events mobile apps to meet our customers’ needs whilst further improving the experience of their event attendees.

Our main fixation is on being aware of any requests that come from customers and their attendees so that we can steadily improve what we offer.

Today we’d like to introduce you to some new functionality that we’ve added to the Meetmaps App: sessions with prior registration. Are you interested in knowing what this is and what it’s for? If so, keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it…

What is it and what benefits does it offer?

This new functionality within the Meetmaps Events App enables you to arrange your event in an even more controlled and organised way. Up until now, when using the App you’ve been able to create a schedule for your event including all the activities taking place as part of it. Attendees can keep up to date with these activities and, if interested, save them to their calendars – meaning that everything is scheduled when it comes to the event.

But with this new functionality, we’ve taken it a lot further. From now on, as the event organiser, you can set a limit on the number of people who can attend each session. This could be very useful, for example, in situations where a session is being run in a small room with limited space, or where you’re running a workshop that includes small groups for set numbers of people.


How does it work Sessions with prior registration


Another benefit we offer with this new functionality is for you, as the event organiser, to be able automatically to get a list of all attendees who have signed up for a limited session, so that you can check attendance before the event and manage it even more closely… or simply so that you know who needs to be sent specific information about each session.

Why did we add it?

As mentioned before, we believe that adding this new functionality to our Events App will enable you to take the organisation and management of your event to another level. It means that when the session takes place, you’ll be able to avoid there being lots of people who can’t get in or without having anywhere to sit. And afterwards, when reviewing your event, you’ll have information about which aspects most attracted attendees, and this will help you plan future events.


Would you like to found out for yourself how all this works? Are you someone who thinks that creating an Events App is a good thing to do? If so, please contact us for more information and a demo of the Meetmaps Event App.


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