Having everything organized is something really important for our event attendees. And, if we offer them the option of, not only having everything in order, but also having all the personal documents they will need in the same place inside the App of your event, is giving them more and more benefits. Not only for them, but also for you.



Is for that reason that from Meetmaps, after doing a research on the attendees and customers needs and listening to them, we have seen that need we didn’t meet: facilitate our clients to give the information and the personal documents to each one of the attendees.


How does it work My Documents


Since now, the Meetmaps’s App for events offered the opportunity to share documents that were only common for everyone. But now, with this new feature there is the chance to give to each one of the attendees the personal documents they will need for the event.

What is it and why is it good?

With this new feature we offer in our event App, we give the opportunity to our customers to have all the personal and individual information for each one of the attendees in a controlled way and only shared with each one.

It also gives the possibility to every attendee to have their own personal space inside the event App in which there is the opportunity to having saved the plane tickets, the train tickets, the indications to participate in a workshop or whatever that need to be individual, that will be saved there for the event organizer.

Why have we introduced that feature?

As we have told before, by offering this new feature we give something more interesting for the customers and for the attendees, because it reassure them. Having everything at the same place is something really useful and they will thank you for this. An event with everything organized and in order, makes the difference!

Dare with it!

If you are considering creating an App for your event and also are thinking that this new feature is something of your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a demo of your Meetmaps Event App.


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