You can not imagine how excited we are to explain that we have a new branding!

As you can see, we have made a restyling of the brand, with a renewed logo, a new graphic image and an updated style in the design, that was inspired by the evolution and growth of the brand.

From Meetmaps we got up with a new repositioning strategy in the events industry, matching the rebranding of the brand’s visual image and thus reinforcing its evolution and consolidation as a company.

Our goal is to update and strengthen our positioning as one of the most recognized and differentiated Event Management Software on the current national scene.

After the challenges that we have had to overcome in the past months, we present a renewed image that seeks to transmit our main values: professionalism, evolution, innovation, transparency and security, among others, based on a graphic synthesis of the concepts: customer centric, full digital experience and adaptability.


The restyling includes modifications in the logo, the colors and the typography that constitutes an homogeneous, solid and powerful brand image, which accompanies the evolution in the events sector.

Under the new logo, it is included “Event Management Software” for being the core business of the brand, an idea that aims to provide quality and closeness.

“We are very happy with the new Meetmaps branding. After working on it for a long time, I believe that we have achieved our objectives and that the brand has grown in the same way that the company and the product have grown.” 

Cesc Riera

CMO & Co-founder, Meetmaps