Nowadays, the communication between attendees during the organization of an event or congress has become an important issue to take care and it also can help brands to make the difference between organizing a good event or a memorable experience.

Due to the recent expansion of the creation of Apps for Events and Congress, the choice of push notifications has become the first communication method used for all the process behind an event or congress: before, during and after.

Push Notifications let us send messages directly to the attendees’ mobile phones that have the app downloaded. And considering that it is a really direct communication, what is important you to know are these points:

Relevance: pretend always to send useful and relevant information to your attendees. Do not abuse from Push Notifications or they will lose importance.

Planning: once you have proven push notifications, you will see that they are really easy to use and you probably will start sending lots of them. So, try to have a good planning for your deliverings and you will avoid this kind of massive and annoying kind of information.

PRO TIP: In order to gain relevance, if you use Meetmaps’ App you will be able to send segmented notifications according to the assistants’ profile.


Now is time to show you 14 examples of Push Notifications that you can use for and in your event:

Warnings and reminders about sessions


For example the time and location where the event is taking place, or other reminders they shouldn’t forget. Also, you can welcome them highlighting some sessions they should consider.

“Less than 48h to start the event. You will find us at Calle Goya 121 and the doors will be opened from 8:00am!”

“Good morning and welcome to the 2017 edition. Have a nice and pleasant day!”

“Send a message to Marcos Alvaro if you need to make contact with the organization”

“And that’s all! See you next year, we will be happy to see you again. Wish you the best!”


Warnings and last minute changes


Last minute changes are common. So, take advantage of push notifications in order to communicate these changes to the maximum number of assistants.

“There has been a last minute change: the session headed for Alejandro Magno will be in the Main Hall”.

“We have added some new sessions in our schedule. Check it out!”

“Take a look at your email. We have sent you the check-in instructions”


Information that improve the interaction with the attendant


In that sense, push notifications can be the perfect ally. Inform the attendees that they can create their own schedule, explore other profiles or even cheer them to take part in the discussions.

“Hi! There’s a new App version with some changes. We invite you to know them!”

“Do you already know which sessions you don’t want to miss?

“You can follow all the Twitter posts using #hashtagevent from the App. Select the option “Tweet Feed” in the drop-down menu”.

“Have you already make contact with the other attendees? You can send them private messages, save them like your favourites and write down about them”.

Calls to action


Take advantage of push notifications and ask attendees to like your Facebook Page or another website that they may be interested in. Warn them that they only have 10 minutes left to pick up their lunch or telling them to go to the bar and drink some beer.

“We will be really grateful if you tell us your opinion! Can you help us to answer this brief survey?”

“Buy your tonight party tickets in the reception of the event”

“Thank you for taking part of the event! Follow all the news on our Facebook Page.”

To sum up


When you are planning which push notifications are you going to send for your event, is really important you to understand like your perfect ally. They have a great potential and you have to benefit from it. Think about the timings of the notifications, make sure that the content is relevant for the maximum number of attendees, complete your push messages with other type of communications and do not forget to make it personal and different.
If you are interested in using push notifications for your next event or congress, you can create your own App for iOS and Android here.


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