Find out Barcelona’s Best Tech Event Venues

We received a lot of positive feedback from our last post on the 10 Most Inspiring Tech Event Organizers in Barcelona. One request appeared more than others: Which are the best event venues in Barcelona for holding a tech event.

We figured who better to ask then the people who regularly host tech events in BCN. In no particular order, here are the best venues in Barcelona for hosting a tech-related event.

Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm

Recommended by Gladys Cali of Infinite Event Experience

Infinite Event Experience is always looking for inspiring design and architecture in her event venues. She feels that the venue should be a living part of the event, as critical to success as any the event content itself.

Damm Meetmaps

The famous brewery is a perfect space to host cool professional events of any kind. The Antiga Fábrica de DAMM is located just outside the city centre, mere blocks from the Sagrada Familia. The space features multiple event areas with capacities ranging from 100-400+ people. It’s not uncommon for open air concerts to be held outside the venue as well. TechCrunch has hosted multiple events here and right now it’s home to several events during the Mobile World Congress.

Carrer del Rosselló, 515, 08025 Barcelona, Spain. +34 90 230 01 25. Inquire about your event here.

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona

Recommended by Gladys Cali

Museu Disseny Barcelona Meetmaps

Barcelona’s newest institute of culture and design has fast become the first choice among event organizers when selecting their venue. From the awe-inspiring architecture to the fascinating content once your inside, the Disseny Hub is home to a museum, a showroom and university all packed into one innovative space. Fashion groups like 080 Barcelona and world-class design aficionados now host their events at the Museu del Disseny on a regular basis.

Plaça de les Glóres Catalanes, 37, 08018, Barcelona, Spain. Contact: Cristina Gosálvez


Recommended by Clemence Campillo of Seed&Click

MACBA Meetmaps

One of the most popular event venues cited by almost all of our famous organizers is the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (MACBA). World-renowned as much for it’s skateboarding mecca reputation as it is for its art, the MACBA is an inspiring venue for just about any technology event in BCN. From black tie galas to secret events hosted by tech giants during the Mobile World Congress, the MACBA is sure to please.

Plaça dels Angels 1, 08001, Barcelona, Spain. +34 934 12 08 10

Valkiria Hub

Recommended by Scott Mackin of Barcinno

The Barcinno team has been hosting tech-related events, including the annual Fest-UP conference for the last 3 years. They’re most concerned with the logistics and location of his venues and making sure the atmosphere matches the personality of the event.

Valkiria Meetmaps

Located in Barcelona up-and-coming innovation district of Poble Nou, Valkiria Hub has built an beautiful coworking and events space capable of hosting up to 200 people. Barcinno has hosted the global fintech event Next Bank here for the last two years and Fest-UP took over this space for their most recent Fall 2015 edition. Complete with their own in-house catering service, Valkiria is the perfect venue for high-level events that are guaranteed to impress your audience.

Carrer de Pujades, 126, 08005 Barcelona, +34 626 84 39 73, Spain.

Impact Hub Barcelona

Recommended by Scott Mackin of Barcinno

Part of a global network of more than 80 locations, Impact Hub Barcelona is dedicated to social entrepreneurs that want to create change. They’ve hosted events such as: The Ecopreneurs Show BCN and The Global Hub for the Common Good. They’re also collaborating with a program named “Sharing Accelerator” whose aim is to help develop relations within investors and also select the most talented startups and build a net to support them on their growth process.

Located in the historic Plaça Reial square, Impact Hub BCN is a well-connected and intimate venue for small and medium-sized tech events – they have an outdoor space up to 200 people and an indoor area for 60 people. Impact Hub is a reference for international events with a social focus. They have an international community with more than 11,000 members and ideal spaces for all types of events (meeting rooms, conference room, terrace and coworking space). 

Impact Hub Meetmaps

Plaça Reial, 18, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. +34 93 595 1509 +34 93 595 1510

mStartup Space

Recommended by Scott Mackin of Barcinno

mStatupSpace MeetmapsOne of the latest tech event venues in Barcelona, the mStartup Space is the brainchild of Barcelona Activa, the City Council and the Mobile World Capital associations. By day, the space is home to some of the most innovative startup accelerators in the city and doubles as a coworking space for aspiring entrepreneurs. By night, the mStartup Space hosts multi-national events of all levels, creating an immediate impact for the startup community. Startup Grind BCN, Fest-UP and Startupbootcamp are just some of the organizations to utlize this great (and free) space.

Roc Boronat, 117, second floor. 08018 Barcelona, Spain. +34 933 209 565,

La Salle Campus Barcelona

Recommended by Mariona Triay of La Salle Technova

Mariona is a corporate events professional and well-versed in booking the perfect event venue for her growing list of tech events. Originally from Barcelona, Mariona knows the best event venues to match any occasion.

TechDemoDay Meetmaps

Leaning on all of the resources afforded from a world-renowned university does have its perks. The La Salle campus in Barcelona has several venues to host any tech event, including their technova home which annually plays how to La Salle’s Tech Demo Day each spring.


Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 42, 08022 Barcelona, Spain. +34 932 90 24 74

Casa Capell

Recommended by Mariona Triay of La Salle Technova

Casa Capell Meetmaps

Located directly on the border of the City Centre and Gracia neighborhood, Casa Capell is multifunctional space that transforms seamlessly between intimate gathering to high-fashion runway shows. Casa Capell is fully equipped with the most advanced A/V equipment for your technical needs and can hold up to 150 people for your next event.


Rambla de Prat, 27 08012 Barcelona, Spain. +34 933 686 516,


Recommended by Mariona Triay of La Salle Technova

InGracia Meetmaps

The unique and stylish InGracia venue located at the tip of Barcelona’s commerce district on Passeig de Gracia offers everything you need for a business or cultural event. The space can hold up to 140 people and has hosted exclusive events for global tech companies like AppleLGNintendo and many more. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures you’ll have what you need to put on a great show in Barcelona.

Carrer de Jesús 3-5 08012 Barcelona, Spain. +34 933 042 981

Casa Llotja de Mar

Recommended by Clemence Campillo of Seed&Click

Seed&Click events traverse the widest array of content. From fashion shows to startup pitch contests to interactive sporting events, Seed&Click is a prime example of matching the venue to the event. Here are their top 3 event venues in Barcelona:

Casa Llotja de Mar Meetmaps

Located right on the waterfront in Barcelona’s historic city centre, the Casa Llotja de Mar is one of the most magnificent and awe-inspiring event venues in town. Built in the Catalan’s infamous 14th century Gothic period, this breathtaking venue is reserved for only top-tier tech, fashion and cultural events.

Passeig Isabel II, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. +34 935 47 88 49

Hotel Omm

Recommended by Clemence Campillo of Seed&Click

HotelOmm Meetmaps

Barcelona’s 5-star hotel in the heart of the city, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more distinguished venue for your event than Hotel Omm. Perfect for cocktail parties, workshops or corporate meetings, Hotel Omm offers a half-dozen unique spaces throughout the hotel grounds. In the summer, you can marvel guests on their open terrace with views of Gaudi’s Casa Mila and in the winter you can make use of their majestic lobby, each holds up to 150 guests.

Carrer de Rosselló 265, Barcelona, Spain. +34 93 445 40 00


Recommended by Andrea Garcia of Talent Garden BCN

Andrea has a brilliant venue inside her everyday office at Talent Garden Barcelona. Located at the intersection of Eixample, Gracia and Sant Gervasi business districts TAG BCN is a prime venue for intimate Barcelona tech events of under 50 people. When she does host larger tech events in Barcelona, Andrea prefers the following venues:

Mobile World Center MeetmapsThe Mobile World Centre located in the epicentre of Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya is the perfect choice for a unique tech talk, networking event or even product showcase. A co-creation of Telefonica and the City of Barcelona, the 2nd floor of the Mobile World Centre features an interactive mobile museum, or you can book the larger 3rd floor venue for your Barcelona tech event.

Carrer de Fontanella, 2, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. +34 638 85 64 27

Fábrica Moritz

Recommended by Andrea Garcia & Marc Pous

Mortiz Meetmaps

Originally founded in 1856, the resurrected Catalan beer brewery has made its resurgance and is now a pillar of Barcelona’s community. Fábrica Moritz – the uniquely charming restaurant and event space offers several spaces for event venues. Their upstairs setting holds up to 80 people alongside massive beer vats and modern technology, or choose from one of their several catacombs rooms below the surface with decorative lighting, cave-like feel and room for up to 400 people. Not to mention they’re also a restaurant so catering options are top-notch.

Ronda de Sant Antoni, 39-41, 08011, Barcelona, Spain. +34 26 00 50


Recommended by Cecilia Tham of MOB

CREC Meetmaps


Cecilia is too modest to list either MOB or MOB&PAU as her favorite tech event venue, so we’ll do it for her. The fact is MOB and MOB&PAU are home to daily tech and design related events and have firmly positioned themselves as both an innovative community and functional tech spaces in Barcelona. When she’s looking to partner up outside of MOB, she prefers the following Barcelona event venues:

In simle terms, CREC is a coworking spaces located in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighborhood. The former warehouse is now a 1000 sq m facility is home to more than 100 daily coworkers and by night can be transformed into venue where almost anything is possible. With parquet floors and an abundance of natural lighting, they’ve hosted food truck events, fashion shows, and event body painting workshops

Carrer de Blesa, 27, 08004 Barcelona, Spain. +34 931 16 55 85


Recommended by Cecilia Tham

Atta 33 Meetmaps

AttA is the latest fabrication space to hit the Barcelona tech ecosystem. Launched by brother and sister duo Andres & Ariadne Scaparone, Atta 33 is 1-part coworking, 1-part maker space and 1-part event venue. The transitional 2-story space can be shifted and shaped to meet your event’s needs and the Atta 33 venue even features a stage if you plan on having live music. With capacity for 300 people, Atta 33 has hosted all kind of professinoal events including: internal events of co-working and workshop, conferences meetup, university conferences, workshops and exhibitions. They owe a system of integrated speakers, microphone, projector and kitchen, which makes it a versatile and functional space for any type of event. They also offer a conference room with a capacity of 6 people. Located in a great-connected area, Atta 33 is a very creative space with high ceilings, perfect to het inspired and create, share and collaborate on any project. Prices range from 170 Euros + iva 50 people, 200 Euros + iva between 50-100 people or 300 Euros + iva from 100 people.

Carrer Tanger, 33, Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain. +34 930 17 51 13

Auditori de Torre Agbar

Recommended by Marc Pous of

Marc is no stranger to Barcelona’s exploding tech and startup scene. A startup founder himself, Marc knows firsthand the importance of creating both online and offline communities for buidling a successful business. Marc hosts regular IoT-related events in Barcelona and each year puts on a one-of-a-kind show during the Mobile World Congress called IoTStars. Here are Marc’s favorite Barcelona event venues to host a next-level conference:

Torre Agbar Meetmaps

The 38-story skyscraper located in Barcelona’s innovation district is a truly polarizing modern marvel. Locals tend to dislike the French-designed tower, while visitors are inspired by it’s magnificence and symmetry. Built in 2015 and currently home to Barcelona’s water department, the large tower will soon be converted into a hotel if local legistlation allows, however their ground floor auditorium is already renowned for hosting international tech events. The auditorium at Torre Agbar holds up to 316 people and offers the most high-level security should your event need their services.

Ave Diagonal, 211, 08018, Barcelona, Spain.

MOB Barcelona

Recommended by Marc Pous

MOB Meetmaps

Home to the Makers of Barcelona, MOB and its new sister-space MOB&Pau offer unique, functional venues for any events where the participants will get their hands dirty. Whether it’s 3D printing, digital fabrication, or hackathons, MOB has a variety of spaces and transform to fit your needs. Friends from Barcelona and abroad especially love booking their event with MOB because they’re also an army of 2000 members, freelancers, coworkers and entrepreneurs to help open up your community.

Carrer de Bailen, 11, 08011, Barcelona, Spain. +34 936 67 41 65,

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