As an event organizer, you are constantly thinking new strategies in order to improve the success of your event. In front of a new project, you have the opportunity to add new actions at your marketing plan. But, which ones will you need to include in order to gain that impact you are searching for?

The total impact of your event is the result of mix the following measurable factors:

Reach: the size of your audience, including the attendees of your event and the online followers.

Sharing: the mass media coverage and the spread knowledge through social media channels.

Impact: the lasting impact between the attendees, the captations of new ones and the feedback received.

Focusing on the efforts on the correct place and moment you will be able to maximize these factors. Is for that reason that we suggest you some actions to considerate in the organization of your next event that will improve it.

Live broadcast of your event in order to improve your Reach

The online live broadcast of the event will give a potential audience across the world, thanks to the chance to assist virtually at your event. It attracts people that can’t attend because they don’t have enough time or they are far away from the place the event is taking place.
Between the great amount of the available options, the most popular are: UStream, Livestream, YouTube Live, Periscope, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live Video.

Use Social Networks in order to gain Sharing

The Social Networks are absolutely essential to optimize the impact of the event. Around 40% of the companies use Social Networks for their marketing events. The channels in which you will need to focus depends on the activity of your audience: the social network where they are more active. But the following actions are a good guide to know what to do through the social networks:

– Create the event at Facebook.
– Choose and create a Hashtag unique for Twitter.
– Offer easy contents to share.
– Use videos and photos as a principal way of communicate.
– Once it has finished, share the results and the goals achieved.

Promote the participation for a better Impact

Developing a strategy that let your attendees participate in your event is a good way to increase the impact and the the experience of your event. So, follow the next points in order to achieve that participation:


Leave the one-way communication:

Instead of having an speaker that comes and tells something, try to make open and active discussions, decisions and speeches, where all the attendees have the opportunity to participate. The exchanges between equals are possible in both between people and thanks to technology.

Rethink the formats of the presentations:

The presentations should be opened, seductive and interesting. The best stories are the ones in which we feel like being involved in them. So, use videos, interviews, testimonies or workshops ad-hoc and groups of exchange in order to create an experience and cheer the event.

Introduce enablers:

Humans tend to follow the example of others. Try to make the most of it in order to improve the participation. The event App, a moderator or mechanics of gamification, can lead the awareness of the attendees to an interactive process instead of telling them what to do.

PRO TIP: The App for events and congresses from Meetmaps is designed in order to improve the interaction and the participation between attendees. So, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo.

To sum up, the effect that your event has in the mind of your attendees and target, can offer you some relevant information about which methods and strategies work and which ones don’t. So, is for that reason that it is important to adopt an attitude of continuous improvement and learning from every event you organize. Thank you!


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