It is certainly true that we can organize lots of activities during an event, but it never comes easy to choose the best option in order to motivate and implicate our attendees or knowing what really works and surprise or when is the best moment to start to think over it.

Surely, before you start, you should ask yourself which is the aim of your event and what you want to achieve with the activities. Furthermore, you should never forget that you are talking to people that are not always ready to read or listen, so you need to maintain a good level of communication and direct and short proposals.

Is for that reason that we can facilitate some examples of experiences that may help you for inspiring yourself organizing your event, congress or conference. So, here you have with 5 activities that I have seen in an event.


1. Search your better half. Networking games

Surely you have played the game “Guess Who” on certain moments in which every player has his or her own famous character and the rest has his or her description.

If you use that as an experience in an event or congress, you can break the ice and connect with the attendees in a funny way. Involve the attendees in the game and offer them a reward to those who finally can meet. Try with “Free beer”, for example!


PRO TIP: if you add the networking module at the event app, use the section of description of each one in order to organize the dynamic of the game. Once they are searching for their better half they will surf the others’ profiles and maybe they will have a some kind of surprises!


2. Active Keynote Speeches. Q&A and discussions

Increasingly, the attendees ask for leadership or more real experiences where they are allowed to interact with the speeches and workshops you organize. Active attendees will help you to generate more memorable and dynamic experiences in your event.

The event app can offer you lots of tools in order to gain that issue. Turn on the period of questions and tell them that you can do it through her or his mobile phone with the module called “questions to the speaker”, and you will gain and moderate the public’s questions in a more dynamic way.


PRO TIP: Open a thematic channel inside the app in order to let attendees generate questions about the discussion and extend the event for more days.


3. Gamification with rewards and directly codes in the mobile phone

Easily you can organize gamification activities around the event and with a little imagination you can achieve surprisingly experiences that relate your attendees, speakers and sponsors.

If your partners offer you discount codes, take advantage of them and specify it in the app. Schedule the exactly moment you want to activate the promotion or its available timing in order to maintain it more gamificated.

You can also benefit from the immediacy and the surprise that Push Notifications generate. It is only needed the sentence: “Our partner X invite us for a free coffee” to motivate the attendees.


PRO TIP: you will increase the response rate of your satisfaction survey if you tell them to answer it they will take place in a raffle.


4. Last time activities. ¡Join and go!

“Fresh news! We have 10 free entries for a MasterChef workshop!”
It is easy to see that it is not the most considered strategy of the history, but one thing that every event has in common is that everything is in real time and live. And sometimes, what is live wears surprises and unexpected opportunities.

“We were at the middle of the last event and everything was going perfectly, when suddenly one of the attendees, in the middle of one session, indicated us he had 20 entries to do a session with an important Chef from Barcelona”.

The magic ingredient will let you successfully communicate this last time activities are Push Notifications (if you are interested in knowing more about them, read this our last post Push Notifications).


PRO TIP: Organize all your attendees using the contact options with the event volunteers that the app offers you.


5. Create a photography competition

Share photos on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is part of our current social nature, so you can convert it into a viral and really fresh activity for your event.

In order to make this type of activities, we should use apps that has available the Photo Gallery module with moderator.

You can create this activity from less to more complexity:

Share photos: enable the photo gallery and make sure your attendees share their own photos of the event.
Photography competition: in that case, you will also need to enable likes and comments in the photos. The one who has more likes, will gain the prize.
Photographic experience: associate the photo gallery to a team activity. For example, if you are making a team-building in Sevilla, the different teams should upload a photo with 5 different historical monuments they prefer. The team who achieve it, will win the prize.

PRO TIP: if the app of your event can be linked with the personal social networks, you can boost the attendees to share their photos when they are taking pictures with their followers and friends.


From Meetmaps, as a platform that create apps and experiences for events, congresses or conferences, we make or modules and customization tools available to your ideas.

We are going to write more about different example of activities in our section called “experiences for events”.

We hope to hear from you soon, so leave a comment about what those proposals mean for you and share your own experiences in your comments. Thanks!


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